Root & Vine Gardens

At Root & Vine we specialize in designing and installing gardens in backyards and on rooftops. Our emphasis on beauty and sustainability involves incoperating native plantings, low maintenance plantings, and organic edibles in our designs. 

In addition, we offer a full range of custom services to complement our plantings.  This includes drip irrigation, stone/masonry work, and the construction of patios, decks, fences, pergolas, retaining walls, pathways and green walls.  We provide options for using locally sourced sustainabily harvested wood and stone in our hardscape designs. 

Design Consultation:

We will meet with you and discuss your outdoor space.  We'lll talk about what you like and don’t like about about your garden or rooftop.  We will discuss issues specific to your space and what you want your dream outdoor living space to be like. We'll discuss how you envision using your space and different hard scape and planting options.  You can show us photos of gardens and outdoor spaces you like.  We will discuss the types of plants that will thrive in your garden, as well as design elements of the stone work, wood work, outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchen and lighting options that might work well in your space and budget.

We will provide you with either: 

-A detailed estimate for the design of your project. 

-A detailed estimate for smaller projects

If you choose to work with us on the design of your project we will meet with you again to present our ideas to you.  We go over the design concept and with you and show you photos of plants and hardscape design elements.  If there is anything you want to change we will revise the design.  Once the design is completed we will provide you with a detailed estimate for the installation.  

Then you decide if you would like us to install the garden.  We will write up the contract, obtain any necessary permits and put your project in our calendar.  


Whether you have a rooftop in Midtown or a brownstone in Brooklyn our experienced team of urban gardeners and builders will install your garden with the highest level of craftsmanship and horticultural excellence.  We provide seamless communication throughout the installation process making your outdoor living space come alive on time and on budget.    


We offer an array of maintenance services to clients living in the NYC metro area. These services include fine pruning, weeding, mulching, soil improvement, backyard clean-up, and integrated organic pest management. We offer seasonal, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance packages.